The Burlington Service.


We offer a bespoke solution for each customer.

With a range of services for whatever our clients may need.



We deliver a complete package of preventative maintenance services in Ireland. Our help desk is open nationwide 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We directly employ our own highly motivated staff.

We currently have preventative maintenance contracts for the following industry sectors:


Commercial offices
Hospitals and health facilities
Education campuses
Sports & leisure facilities




Burlington Engineering Project Services Division have vast experience in Building Services Installation, both as a nominated sub-contractor and also working directly for our Clients on design and build projects.


We have a dedicated team of directly employed project managers, engineers, site managers and tradesmen and all of the required resources in house and have been involved in a number of projects that have utilised 3D BIM Modelling.


We are also very focused on energy efficiency and environmental sustainability for our Clients wherever possible and are proud to have been involved in projects that have attained LEED Platinum Certification.




We are committed to sustainable processes and environmental management and we have the resources to deliver an impeccable service, provide value for money, continued energy savings and expertise in new and challenging ventures for our clients.


We are a member of the Irish Green Building Council and three members of our in-house management team are qualified with a Masters degree level in Energy Management


We can provide a complete energy audit service and highlight areas where energy usage can be reduced so buildings run more efficiently.


We completed our first LEED project as mechanical services installation contractor for Oracle EMEA in Block B, Eastpoint Business Park in 2015.


Burlington Engineering can ensure both LEED and WELL accreditations will be delivered on the design specification in an operational environment.