Burlington Engineering produces some of the highest standards of mechanical and electrical contractors in Ireland, ensuring the delivery of maintenance services without causing disruption to any building services or staff for over 50 years

Here’s how a Preventative Maintenance Schedule will be planned & implemented by our team.

  • All maintenance routines will be scheduled by the computerised maintenance system
  • A planner of all due maintenances for all buildings will also be created and issued to our customers.
  • The building maintenance planner will identify routines to be carried out during and outside of normal working hours.
  • The assigned service manager will receive prior notification of due maintenance routines.
  • The service manager will notify customers in advance of the requirement to carry out planned or unplanned maintenance works.
  • Once all parties are agreed on a start date/time the appropriate service engineer will be notified with the proposed start date.
  • Once the maintenance routine is complete, an electronic maintenance report will be generated by the service engineer and this report will be signed by the customer.
  • Finally there will be a rigorous inspection to ensure that all works have been carried out to best practice and the highest quality.

We can deploy more than 40 full-time engineers to service and maintain these systems:

  • Low-Pressure Hot Water (L.P.H.W) Heating Services
  • Ventilation Services
  • Air Conditioning Services
  • Hot and Cold Water Services
  • Soils and Wastes Services
  • Electrical Services
  • P.A. Testing
  • Compliance
  • Building Management Systems (B.M.S)

We also operate a 24-hour call-out service. +353 01 871 2468