TU Dublin Bolton Street Boiler Replacement

Project Description:
The project scope consisted of equipment and energy upgrades and modifications to the existing mechanical and electrical services serving the central boiler plantroom. Central to the project was replacing the existing boilers, associated shunt pumps and MCC panel.

The project scope of work encompassed the following new elements:

  • Decommissioning and strip out of existing services.
  • Builders Works
  • Gas Fired Boilers (3600kW combined capacity)
  • Twin Wall Stainless Steel Flues
  • Circulating Shunt Pumps
  • Plate Heat Exchanger (3700kW)
  • Pressurisation Unit & Expansion Vessel
  • Air & Dirt Separator with Magnet Filter
  • BMS Controls & associated MCC Panel
  • Energy Heat Metering of LPHW Circuits
  • Gas Detection and associated gas slam shut valve
  • Electrical Power Distribution
  • Fire Alarm Protective Services
  • Natural Gas Meter
  • LPHW Heating Pipework

Project Achievements:

  • Executed the project works and commissioned the new equipment during the summer shutdown of the University and delivered the heating online before the University re-opened in September.
  • Increased energy performance by the installation of new energy efficient equipment, reducing natural gas and electricity consumption.
  • Improved operation control of the mechanical systems for building facilities through the installation of modern BMS and controls systems.

Duration: Three months

Approx Value: 575,000.00