RTE – Radio Building Chiller Upgrade

Project Description:
RTÉ operate an energy management system certified to ISO50001. The Radio building is a significant energy user (SEU) and a large proportion of that energy is used by the chilled water plant for building and equipment cooling. Working closely with the client, Burlington Engineering analysed the existing system flow rates, temperatures and controls data to verify the actual building loads. The original system was now oversized due to legacy loads from the analogue era of broadcasting which have been replaced by less energy intensive digital equipment. A full design load reduction of almost 50% was agreed and this has been served in turn by 3 chillers allowing greater efficiency at part load conditions.

Project Achievements:
The overall result is an annual energy saving of approximately 60% as can be seen in the graph below showing the energy consumption before and two full cooling seasons after installation and commissioning.

Duration: 2 months

Approx Value: €130,000.00