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As a Building Services Engineering and Contracting Company we can offer a full and comprehensive range of services for our Clients. These can be divided into three main areas.

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Maintenance Services, Burlington Engineering

Maintenance Services

In the field of aftercare service, Burlington Engineering offers a complete package of preventative maintenance services to cater for your year round requirements.

We currently have preventative maintenance contracts for various buildings throughout Ireland in a range of following industries and have over 40 full-time directly employed service engineers who service & maintain systems in our buildings.

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Project Services, Burlington Engineering

Project Services

We have the resources within our Projects Department to carry out large new installation projects from tender stage through to completion.

We are also very experienced in carrying out improvement works in existing buildings and have carried out numerous plant replacements in "live" operating buildings over the years, both for existing maintenance clients and otherwise.

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Environmental Services, Burlington Engineering

Environmental Services

Burlington Engineering Ltd is a registered Building Energy Rating (BER) Assessor for non domestic buildings. Our Energy Division can recommend cost effective improvements on your energy consumption.

We can provide a complete energy audit service and highlight areas where energy usage can be reduced so your building runs more efficiently.

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